Saturday, January 16, 2010

Season 5, Episode 11

"The X in the File" begins in Roswell, New Mexico with an alien hunter, named "Marvin," walking through the woods to find some evidence of extraterrestrial life. While Marvin is walking through the woods, he is also speaking to his wife on his cell phone. It is clearly evident that he is lying to his wife about "sitting in his hotel room." As he moves deeper into the woods, he finds a body, and exclaims out loud, "I found one!" When his wife asks Marvin what he found, he lies to her, "Oh, honey, I found a pen." He sees multiple sets of orange eyes in the darkness. Then, he proceeds to gasp, scream, and run away. Just by the looks and sounds of this opening scene, the television audience can make a reasonable assumption that this man is a chronic liar.

The always adorable, lovable duo comprised of a splendid forensic anthropologist, Bones, and a charming FBI agent, Booth, arrive at the scene of the murder. This duo will temporarily be a trio, because Sheriff Bonds will accompany them. What a mouthful. I guess we can refer to this trio as "Triple B" for now. Bones routinely measures the demographics of the dead body: "Judging by the frame and stature, it appears to be a female, approximately 30 years old, and shows no evidence of extraterrestrial life." Booth jokingly asks Bones, "She's not an alien?" Not surprisingly, Bones replies, "There's no such thing as an 'alien.' "

She jabbers on with scientific jargon that Booth surely isn't able to comprehend. Booth is probably thinking, "English, please?" When the theme song for the hit show, "The X-Files" goes off, there is an eery mood; however, the mood is broken when Bones finds a cellphone of which the ringtone belongs to. Bones exclaims, "It's a cell phone!" with a confused look on her face. The camera, now angled towards Booth, shows him crossing his arms, pointing his body towards his lovely partner, Bones to fiercely say, "Oh, you wish!" In this scene, Booth's body language is incredibly sexy, might I add. ;)

On a side note, fans are aware of the fact that Booth loves Bones, as more than a friend and a "crime investigative partner." No matter how much scientific jargon Bones may speak of, Booth continues to teach her to be more of a social person, rather than an individual who bases her facts solely off of physical evidence. Booth has assisted Bones in finding the balance between her occupation and her social skills.

Meanwhile, moving back to the episode: surprise, surpise. Guess who Dr. Temperance Brennan's graduate student/assistant is for the week? You guessed it! Wendell! Working alone together in the laboratory with his new significant other, Angela...scratch that. Rewind! Did I say, "working"?! I meant to say, Angela and Wendell are flirting heavily with each other when they are supposed to be working.

As the head boss, Cam, walks in, Wendell and Angela are startled. When Wendell tries to cover up, Cam bluntly says, "You think you have a secret? Think again." Angela is clearly stunned, facing Wendell: "I thought we were being subtle." Wendell replies, "I thought so too." Wendell is clearly bothered that his friend, the bugs and slime guy, Hodgins, doesn't know about his and Angela's relationship. Thereafter, Wendell cautiously approaches Hodgins, wary that his friendship with Hodgins might come to an end. Hodgins tells Wendell that he has no problem with Wendell and Angela dating; in all honestly, deep down inside, Hodgins does have a problem. A rather, big one. Not aware of this emotion yet, Hodgins invites Wendell and Angela out to lunch to prove that "everything is okay" among the three of friends.

At lunch, the three of them are uncomfortable; thankfully, the psychologist, Sweets, steps in to say, "This is a big problem. This is.... a fraud. We must complete this investigation." Sweets faceitiously pretends to be talking about the crime scene investigation, rather than about the uncomfortable lunch meeting he had just witnessed. Later in the episode, Hodgins runs into Sweets' office exclaiming, "You were right, Sweets. This is a big problem."

Sweets comforts Hodgins by stating that Hodgins is remembering what he had in the past with Angela. Thinking about a past loved one is normal. Sweets questions Hodgins, "Dr. Hodgins, do you still have feelings for Angela?" Sweets is met with no answer. For the first time since Hodgins and Angela ended their relationship, a pair NOT by the name of "Booth" and "Bones" took the spotlight. In this episode, I believe Wendell and Angela's relationship overshadows this week's crime scene investigation and B+B's relationship.

Back in the Jefforsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., both Bones and Booth have no idea that the machine they had placed the body on is magnetic. As the dead body, now identified as "Ursula," rattles upwards, and "Bones" screams. As Booth points his gun towards the body, the gun jets itself out of Booth's hands, and rams itself into the machine (which was caused by magnetic forces). Booth and Bones are visibly startled.

Later, a ranch owner named, Marsha, leads B+B to the owner of a diner, Blaine Miller. Booth and Bones visit Blaine Miller at the diner, and ask him if he knows who the woman is in the picture that Booth is holding up. Blaine replies, "Sure. That's Ursula. Was she the murder victim? She used to come by here all the time!" Later, our temporary trio confronts a girl named, Delmy. After the confrontation, she surrenders a few photos that she retrieved by breaking into a trailer. Surprisingly, Marvin, the alien hunter from the opening scene, and Ursula, the dead victim, are shown kissing in the photos that Delmy had surrendered. As soon as Marvin and Booth meet again, Booth interrogates Marvin: "How long have you two been lovers?" Marvin replies, "I didn't kill her, I swear!" Booth, always skeptical of his suspects did not believe Marvin.

Back in Washington, D.C., Angela shows her forensic gang a couple videos that Ursula had shot herself. The video shows a few individuals illegally dumping toxic waste on Mexican land. Booth and Brennan waste no time in immediately driving down to Mexico to interrogate the supposed leader of this illegal act, Rachel Adams. Thereafter, this interrogation ends up being a big mistake. Rachel is definitely not the murderer.

So the potential suspects are Marvin, Delmy, and Rachel Adams. Who are we missing? Blaine Miller, that's who! Blaine Miller killed Ursula. Blaine shot silver balls from a red and yellow toy gun at Ursula. It turns out Blaine overheard Rachel Adams offering a payroll to Ursula. Thereafter, Blaine is immediately handcuffed and sent to jail. For the record, how many fans predicted Blaine to be the murderer? Raise your hands!

At the end of the episode, Angela tries to convince Wendell, "You know it's over between me and Hodgins, right?" Wendell replies, "Things are not always as they seem." That boy is smart. I guess he understands why Hodgins blew off his head, but not Angela nor Cam's heads. Wondering what I mean by this? Watch the episode, and you'll find out! You'll love this one.

Thank you for reading. To be honest, this is the longest post I have ever written.

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- Amy