Thursday, January 21, 2010

Season 5, Episode 12

"The Proof in the Pudding" begins with a cute banter between Bones and Booth. Booth claims to see a pattern in the pizza, whereas Bones does not. Bones mentions that seeing random patterns that clearly do not exist is a sign of schizophrenia. Booth claims to see Michael Jackson in the pizza slices. Surprisingly, Tempe is unfamiliar with the famous celebrity's name. Booth proceeds to dance and moonwalk his way out of Tempe's office. Who knew Booth could dance like that? He imitates MJ's moves so well! How sexy is that?!?!

Cam rushes into Bones' office with a used pregnancy test (which shows a plus sign that equates 'positive'), and asks Bones if the pregnancy stick belongs to her. Bones responds by stating that she hasn't had "sexual intercourse" in quite some time. Cam, worried sick to her stomach that the pregnancy test might possibly belong to Michelle (her adopted daughter), frantically tries to remember who else used the girls' restroom. Bones consoles Cam by stating that Angela is currently sexually active with Wendell. Cam eventually remembers that the only females who have used the restroom that day besides her were Angela, Michelle, and Tempe.

Cam rushes over to Angela, and immediately asks her, "Is this your home pregnancy test?", while holding up the used pregnancy stick. Angela denies it; however, viewers eventually find out the reasoning behind her cover up. Hodgins was in the room. Cam had no idea that Hodgins was in the room with Angela. Cam, embarassed, rushes out of the room, while Angela continues with her cover-up story. Angela asks Hodgins, "What makes Cam crazy?", and Hodgins replies, "Michelle?" Angela nods. Hodgins acknowledges her nod, "Ooh, 16!""

Meanwhile, as Cam walks back into the main laboratory, Sweets points at a few men dressed in black suits and says, "Cam, these guys won't let me leave!" Cam, understandibly confused, asks "What's going on?" The leader of the pack named, Mr. White, walks in and locks the forensic gang up. He vehemently states that he is following the government's orders. Mr. White orders the forensic gang of the Jeffersonian institute to figure out the "cause of death" of the individual.

Sweets secretly gives Booth a call, and quietly tells Booth about the lockdown. Booth responds, "Whoa, slow down, Sweets. What government guys?" Sweets is concerned as to why he is locked up, because he is only an FBI psychologist.

Mr. White uncovers the body, and states that the body should remain undamaged. He also says, "Identification of the body is priority zero." When was the last time our forensic gang figured out the cause of death without identifying the body beforehand? Later, Cam desperately suggests Bones to "guess" the cause of death, instead of going through the usual procedure. Cam is clearly unable to concentrate on her given duty because she believes that Michelle is pregnant at only age 16.

As Booth walks to the parking lot to drive back to the Jeffersonian Institute, he finds himself trapped by Mr. White's partners. As Mr. White approaches Booth, Booth is straightforward with Mr. White from the beginning. "Why'd you lock up my people?", says Booth. "They're not your people," replies Mr. White. Booth suggests that Mr. White intentionally timed this situation so that Special Agent Seeley Booth wouldn't be locked up simultaneously with his squints.

After Booth walks away from the bad guys, Booth gives Sweets a call, and Sweets puts his cell phone on speaker so that Angela and Hodgins can listen to the conversation and speak to Booth, simultaneously. Booth suggests that Mr. White and his gang think they are "untouchable."

Meanwhile, back in the laboratory, Bones and Cam are the only people currently examining the skeleton. The two of them discover that the dead individual had multiple corrective surgeries. In need of additional services, Cam yells, "HODGINS!!!", and startles one of Mr. White's men. Hodgins enters the main laboratory, and asks Cam, "Was that you? I didn't know you could yell like that. I find that so hot!" Cam, still unable to provide undivided attention to this mysterious case, says, "I'm too young to be a grandmother."

Tempe secretly slips a bone fragment into her lab coat, even though she is not allowed to remove any of the bone fragments. Sweets, on the other hand, is on the phone with Booth once again, and informs Booth about the psychological observations that he has made while basically being held hostage. Booth and Sweets both are not aware of the fact that Mr. White has access to anything that Booth, Sweets, or the others go over during phone calls.

Hodgins informs Bones and Cam about additional observations that he has made. He repeatedly emphasizes the year, "1963" and mentions that has matched the degenerative diseases and disorders found on the body, to Mr. President, JFK. That's right. John F. Kennedy, himself. Both Bones and Cam, as naive as they are at this very moment, believe Hodgins' theory. All three friends are shocked at the possibility that they could be examining JFK's remains.

While Hodgins, Cam, and Tempe are discussing the history behind the skeletal remains, Booth fights for someone's attention at the entrance. When he goes unnoticed, he shoots down the door, on impulse. Mr. White's men attack Booth, thinking that Booth is an intruder. Mr. White lets out a big sigh, after he walks into the room to see that the man who shot down the door was Booth. Mr. White and his gang have now limited Booth to confined quarters.

Angela walks into Cam's office and comes clean about her pregnancy test. Angela admits to Cam that the pregnancy stick belonged to her, and not to Michelle. Angela strongly believes that she shouldn't have the baby because "Wendell is not the right guy." Angela knows that Wendell should be the first to know; however, Cam is actually the first person to know about Angela's situation. Surprisingly, Angela tells Hodgins about her situation second before she tells Wendell. Hodgins, almost speechless, unconvincingly congratulates Angela and Wendell on the baby.

After looking at Angela's facial reconstruction of the skull, Booth exclaims, "That is NOT JFK!" Booth strongly believes that there is no way that the truth behind JFK's assassination was covered up. Hodgins begs to differ. He sure is a conspiracy theorist, isn't he?

Later, Hodgins acts like he's mopping the floor, so that Booth and Sweets could step downstairs into the basement to find an exact replica of a rifle that killed JFK. Then, Booth asks Bones and Cam to babble at Mr. White. As expected, Mr. White clearly cannot comprehend Tempe's scientific language. Tempe convinces Mr. White that Booth will shoot two canteloupes with Mr. White's handgun. During the experiment, Booth quickly sets down the handgun, and proceeds to shoot both of the canteloupes with "Oswalt's rifle." Mr. White and his gang are clearly disappointed that our forensic gang, flat out, lied to him and his gang.

Bones discovers that there were two gunmen, and not just one. When Bones mentions Booth's infamous ancestor, John Wilkes Booth, Booth gets angry and storms out of the room. Back in the laboratory, Hodgins steps into Angela's room and proclaims, "I'm your guy! I love you! I love you! I'll do whatever you want. We can get married...we can move in together. Whatever you need, I'm here for you." Angela is visibly stunned by Hodgin's proclamation.

While examining the bones one more time, Cam and Bones inform Sweets that Booth has shot approximately 50 people. Cam informs both Bones and Sweets that Booth is a very patriotic man. Booth is upset because the government has "lied to him" all along.

Cam re-tests the pregnancy stick when she still believed it to belong to Michelle, and finds out that the test result was a "false positive." Cam also informed Angela of this "good" news. As Mr. White walks in, Booth tackles Mr. White and handcuffs him to the railing. Mr. White's partners run downstairs to assist Mr. White; however, they end up getting tackled as well. Booth manages to tackle all three of the bad guys, and handcuffs each of them, accordingly.

Booth approaches Bones just in time to see her place two arm bones into two sets of pudding. One of the bones sinks and the other one floats. The arm bone that has floated is infected with "osteomyelitis." Bones informs Booth that JFK never had this disease. Booth embraces Bones and thanks her for her dedication to this mysterious case. Booth acknowledges the fact that Bones figured out whom the remains belonged to, because she wanted to see Booth happy.

At the end of the show, Hodgins+Angela and Booth+Bones walk away arm-in-arm, respectively. Was this a coincidence? Fans don't believe so.


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