Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tamara Taylor Divorces Miles Cooley

Miles Cooley and Tamara Taylor: Now an Ex-Couple
Tamara and Miles call it quits after five years of marriage. I wish both of them the best during this difficult time.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Emily Deschanel's Views on Being A Mommy

Emily Deschanel is one busy, busy lady! She plays a mom in real life AND at work!

On being a mommy on and off screen:
The challenge is that you want to be everything to your child when you’re with your child and you want to be everything at work when you’re at work, and it’s impossible to do everything. I think committing to whatever you’re doing at the time is important. But that’s been challenging for me because the minute I’m at work I just want to be with my baby. I can’t say that when I’m with my baby I want to be at work so much.
Emily talks about that classic new mother syndrome, dubbed “Mommy Brain”:
It’s definitely challenging learning my lines with my ‘Mommy Brain.’ You know they tell you about this ‘Mommy Brain’ and then you experience it. I guess you have to believe it’s true. Not getting sleep for many months I think helps contribute to it. But, yeah, it’s a challenge. I can’t remember things. I’ll have no recollection of an email I sent or a phone call and somebody will have to re-send it to me and I'll go ‘Oh, OK, I guess I did do that.’
On how parenthood has informed her acting:
I think I’m a more sensitive actor having become a parent and a mother. I’m more maybe emotional certainly to things on my show, like dead bodies and thinking about dead people. It’s bleak, even when I just talk about it right now. I’m much more sensitive to things in general, but to children especially.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hart Hanson Has Taken A Hiatus from Twitter

Oh my gosh, Hart really meant it when he said he would be taking a Twitter hiatus. :( But where will we get our information about the upcoming season of Bones? Hart last tweeted on May 15th, and two weeks have already passed since then. Not a single tweet from Hart since the 15th.

I understand that Hart is a very, very hard worker and he needs his break time, too.

*I am SO looking forward to Bones Season 8!

OMG, Is David Boreanaz Leaving Bones???

David Boreanaz
Last month, David tweeted, "Done. That's a series wrap for me folks! #Bones" 

Of course, the viewers' initial reaction would've been "WHAT?? IS THIS SOME SICK JOKE?"

Don't worry! Don't fret! David isn't going anywhere! What would a show be without one of its main characters? David probably just wanted to stir up some gossip, for the likes of TMZ, with that tweet.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pelant from "Bones"

Pelant is one of the best actors that I've seen in a long time! The finale was awhile back, but my mind was BLOWN!!! He plays out the "creepy" guy very well.

That's all I wanted to say :) Haha.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tamara Taylor talks about David Boreanaz As a Director

Cam as Catwoman!
What was it like to have David direct the finale?
He is so great to work it just in general, but he’s such a generous, creative, open director. I think part of it is who he is, and being directed by a fellow actor is always a cool experience.

He’s directed episodes of Bones before. Do you think he felt comfortable this time?
I think he’s definitely got his sea legs now. He’s not a newbie. But it’s definitely the hardest episode of the season. You don’t want to blow this one! He was definitely under a lot of pressure, which he handled with grace.

Is it different when someone who knows the show so well directs?
It is, and it’s really nice. I should say, first of all, that we’re so fortunate to have great directors come through and for the most part we seem to have a rotation of about seven that we know, that we’ve worked with before, so the nice thing is that we have mostly worked with every director that have passed through this season. But it is definitely easier with someone who lives and breathes the show. David knows the ins and outs and every single detail, he doesn’t have to do his homework which is what most episodic directors have to do – they sit down, they cram the episodes, try to get everyone’s back story and then dive in. For David, that’s just not an issue.


Emily Deschanel: "I thought three seasons, tops."

You've been playing Bones for over seven seasons. Did you expect the series to have such a long life?

Brennan and Booth
We just got picked up for our eighth season. When we did the pilot, I thought we'd be really lucky if it goes. I mean, how many stories can you tell from Bones? Cut to 140-something episodes later, I can't believe it. I thought three seasons, top. That didn't happen, and I realize that I am lucky and have a great job that I enjoy. I love doing a series because you get to see changes in a character and see her grow. It's a journey with change, and you don't get to see that long-term type of development with just a film.

I like seeing the softer side of Bones, and it was nice that she became a mother when I became a mother, despite the fact that they would never have been able to cover up my pregnant belly. Now there's a whole new dynamic between Booth [David Boreanaz] and Bones because they are a couple raising a child together. I like seeing the softer side of her, and I would like to explore that more.


Hart Hanson talks "Bones"

There's been a lot of talk about Booth and Brennan and their relationship. You sort of blew off the “Moonlighting” curse with them. How did you decide to do away with having a couple madly in love?
Booth and Brennan
In Season 6, we knew that Brennan and Booth would sleep together.... But then Emily, God bless her, came and whispered into my ear that she was pregnant. I thought, "This is not a good show for hiding a pregnancy." I worked on "Judging Amy" when Amy Brenneman was pregnant and she could just wear big black robes and sit behind a desk. But we couldn't hide it, so I realized we should just make her pregnant.
The “Moonlighting” curse is, you watch a couple go back and forth in a romantic comedy way -- vacillate over whether they’re going to sleep together; then they do, and then they become something that I hate, which is a googly-eyed, I’m-in-love, I’m-the-only-person-who-has-ever-been-in-love, I've-never-been-so-happy type of person. I don’t even want to go to dinner with people who have recently fallen in love because you just want to kill them. 
David Boreanaz, Hart Hanson, Emily Deschanel
I realized, "Oh, we don't have to do that." We are going to slam them into a relationship because of the baby and I think in our season ender this year, Brennan says something to Booth that is very, very profound about their relationship.

Bones, "The Past in the Present"

Here are some previews for the next episode of Bones!

Doctor Who: 9, 10, 11

So how many of you guys watch Doctor Who? :D I was just wondering who your favorite doctor is? My favorite is David Tennant. Christopher Eccleston was good and Matt Smith is good, but David Tennant is still my favorite. I like him the best because he's such a good actor, and also because he had the best companions: Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, etc.

David Tennant, Tenth Doctor

The Voice, Season 2 Finale

Jermaine Paul, Chris Mann, Juliett Simms, Tony Lucca
So as many of you already know, the second season of the Voice just ended and my favorite contestant, Jermaine Paul, won the whole thing! Yay. He is so versatile and he proved that with his song choices, which ranged from Rock to R&B to Country to Soul. I feel like the other finalists were a bit one-dimensional. I was rooting for Juliett as well, but only 1 out of her 3 songs in the finals were good. :( A lot of people are comparing Jermaine to Javier Colon, winner of Season 1, and I feel like that is a little bit unfair. I love Javier's voice, but the Voice executives didn't promote his album enough, and that's probably why his album flopped. I think if the Voice execs promote Jermaine well, he will have solid album sales (not platinum sales, but more albums sold than Javier).

4th place: Chris Mann
3rd place: Tony Lucca
2nd place: Juliett Simms
Winner: Jermaine Paul :D

Jermaine Paul's winning moment, singing "I Believe I Can Fly"
Season 3 will begin this fall.

The Biggest Loser, Season 13 Finale

Allison Sweeney interviewing the Final 3: Conda, Jeremy, and Kim

The Biggest Loser is actually one of my favorite shows, but this season really sucked! Out of all 13 seasons, Season 6 and Season 13 are my least favorites. The only person that I wanted to win the show, Emily, got voted off. She was the only one that didn't cause drama this season. I hope that there will be a Season 14, and I also hope there's a chance that Jillian can come back as a trainer.

The at-home winner was Mike. Congrats Mike!!! He was only on the show for two weeks, and he lost all that weight on his own at home. He won the $100,000 at home prize. 

Courtney from Season 11 interviewing Mike, Season 13 at-home winner

The finale was way too short this season, and it felt really chopped up. In the end, Jeremy won the $250,000 grand prize. He wasn't my favorite this season, but he lost the most percentage of weight so he won fair and square.

Jeremy lost 199 pounds for a total weight loss percentage of about 51%

I really want the producers to choose a better cast, with less attitude, for Season 14. The trainers, Bob and Dolvett, work their asses off to train these contestants. I really want to see contestants on this show that appreciate what Bob and Dolvett have done for them (especially since these contestants are getting free housing, food, and training for FREE).

P.S. You know what kept me watching this season? BOB AND DOLVETT. Man, they're too sexy for words.

Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince aka Sexiest Trainers Ever :)

I've decided to change the blog a bit

I will change the layout soon. I've been thinking about this blog lately, and the reason why I haven't posted here in so long is because I want to make it more about all the shows I love to watch! There are so many shows I like to watch. I've been watching a lot of DOCTOR WHO lately! :)