Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Emily Deschanel's Views on Being A Mommy

Emily Deschanel is one busy, busy lady! She plays a mom in real life AND at work!

On being a mommy on and off screen:
The challenge is that you want to be everything to your child when you’re with your child and you want to be everything at work when you’re at work, and it’s impossible to do everything. I think committing to whatever you’re doing at the time is important. But that’s been challenging for me because the minute I’m at work I just want to be with my baby. I can’t say that when I’m with my baby I want to be at work so much.
Emily talks about that classic new mother syndrome, dubbed “Mommy Brain”:
It’s definitely challenging learning my lines with my ‘Mommy Brain.’ You know they tell you about this ‘Mommy Brain’ and then you experience it. I guess you have to believe it’s true. Not getting sleep for many months I think helps contribute to it. But, yeah, it’s a challenge. I can’t remember things. I’ll have no recollection of an email I sent or a phone call and somebody will have to re-send it to me and I'll go ‘Oh, OK, I guess I did do that.’
On how parenthood has informed her acting:
I think I’m a more sensitive actor having become a parent and a mother. I’m more maybe emotional certainly to things on my show, like dead bodies and thinking about dead people. It’s bleak, even when I just talk about it right now. I’m much more sensitive to things in general, but to children especially.



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