Friday, May 11, 2012

The Voice, Season 2 Finale

Jermaine Paul, Chris Mann, Juliett Simms, Tony Lucca
So as many of you already know, the second season of the Voice just ended and my favorite contestant, Jermaine Paul, won the whole thing! Yay. He is so versatile and he proved that with his song choices, which ranged from Rock to R&B to Country to Soul. I feel like the other finalists were a bit one-dimensional. I was rooting for Juliett as well, but only 1 out of her 3 songs in the finals were good. :( A lot of people are comparing Jermaine to Javier Colon, winner of Season 1, and I feel like that is a little bit unfair. I love Javier's voice, but the Voice executives didn't promote his album enough, and that's probably why his album flopped. I think if the Voice execs promote Jermaine well, he will have solid album sales (not platinum sales, but more albums sold than Javier).

4th place: Chris Mann
3rd place: Tony Lucca
2nd place: Juliett Simms
Winner: Jermaine Paul :D

Jermaine Paul's winning moment, singing "I Believe I Can Fly"
Season 3 will begin this fall.


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