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Do you agree with Rachel?

Found a nice blog by Rachel Reitsleff of Thanks Rachel!

Do you agree or disagree with the 10 things that Rachel wants to see during the upcoming season?

Emily Deschanel in BONES - Season 6 - "The Change in the Game" | ©2011 Fox/Adam Taylor
Emily Deschanel in BONES - Season 6 - "The Change in the Game" | ©2011 Fox/Adam Taylor
Season 6 of BONES ended on an amazing note, so it’s not surprising that the anticipation for BONES - Season 7 is incredibly high. To tide us fans over, ASSIGNMENT X has compiled a list of things we’d like to see in Season 7. Let us know what you think.

1. Real-life pregnant Emily Deschanel playing fictional pregnant Temperance Brennan. We can safely expect this one. Kudos to show runner Hart Hanson, the production company and Deschanel for incorporating the pregnancy into the storyline rather than stashing Brennan behind autopsy tables or sending the character away for the duration.

2. Some actual romance between Brennan and Booth (David Boreanaz). We’ve had six seasons of will the/won’t they/can they/can’t they. Obviously, they would, could and did, so let’s just see them enjoying each other’s company while solving crimes. They don’t need to behave out of character and drool all over each other, but they can stop agonizing or protesting about their relationship now. Honest, having them be entirely comfortable with each other won’t hurt the show.

John Francis Daley in BONES - Season 6 | ©2010 Fox/Brian Bowen Smith
John Francis Daley in BONES - Season 6 | ©2010 Fox/Brian Bowen Smith
3. Psychotherapist Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley) being hauled up on ethics charges. In real life, any psychiatrist/psychologist who socialized with his patients, let alone manipulated them experimentally (as Sweets did by failing to tell Brennan that Booth was alive at a crucial juncture) or wrote a book about his theories of their relationship, using their real names while they were still patients, would lose his license.

4. Angela’s (Michaela Conlin) dad, the rock star played by ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, giving a musical performance. Gibbons has been recurring on BONES for years now, he really is a rock star, might as well take advantage of the fact.

5. The return of Eric Millegan as Zack Addy. Poor Zack got written off the show and is currently residing in a mental hospital as the result of a crime he didn’t commit after a season-long crazed killer arc got rushed to a conclusion. The notion that Zack killed someone out of some faux-Nietzsche philosophy made no sense, and the later explanation that he didn’t really kill anyone but had sort of followed a lunatic leader made even less. Zack doesn’t have to come back full-time, but we like the guy, let him have a better resolution than this.

6. An answer as to whether the janitor played by Enrico Colantoni was real or a figment of Brennan’s troubled imagination. Nod once for figment, bring Colantoni back for another guest shot if real.

7. Let conspiracy theorist Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) finally uncover a real conspiracy that affects the Jeffersonian. He’s been primed for this since the show started – give him something big that affects the whole Jeffersonian to be absolutely right about.

8. Have lab boss Cam (Tamara Taylor) get out in the field in the thick of an investigation. She’s been supplying stalwart support all this time, let’s see her in the crime-solving limelight for once.

9. Allowing for the fact that such a thing might not make it past Broadcast Standards, it would be interesting to see a case that would actually gross out Bones and Hodgins. We have no clue what that would be, but it would be fascinating to find out.

Geoff Stults, Saffron Burrows and Michael Clarke Duncan in BONES - Season 6 - "The Finder" | ©2011 Fox/Glenn Watson
Geoff Stults, Saffron Burrows and Michael Clarke Duncan in BONES - Season 6 - "The Finder" | ©2011 Fox/Glenn Watson
10. No more crossovers with THE FINDER. Yes, that episode was a backdoor pilot for a new series by BONES exec producer/show runner Hart Hanson, but having our guys bring in strangers to do something they normally do themselves was bad enough. Hearing the back story between Booth and the Finder was even worse – if Booth stopped speaking to the guy over that being-pulled-away-from-his-infant-son incident back then, he’s had plenty of time to figure out all the angles by now. If forgiveness hasn’t been forthcoming so far, it seems unlikely now (or at least, it wasn’t sold to us properly). If BONES really wants to do a crossover with another Fox show, let Gregory House make a mistake that kills a patient with a rare bone disease, so Brennan can figure out what happened by examining the skeleton. House among the Bones – think of the possibilities!

I'm having a great time finding these articles online (even if some of the articles are old...) :D

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