Friday, August 12, 2011

Hart teases about B&B

Just How Lovey-Dovey Will Booth and Brennan Be in Season 7? - Bones: "Hanson must have a general idea of how desperately the fans crave googly-eye-filled scenes with B&B. “I want everyone to tune in to see that,” he says, without exactly being forthcoming as to how we’ll see it. Flashbacks, perhaps? “I don’t want to blow anything, but people will be as interested and excited as [we are] in where all these characters are,” he teases. "

Hart is such a tease! Although Booth and Bones have kissed a couple times on-screen, Bones fans have been waiting six seasons for those two to become an official couple!

I wonder what will happen since Booth is the "marrying kind" and Brennan is "not the marrying kind".... I'm sure Booth will be a loving father, but will Tempe want to get married? (Crossing my fingers and saying, Hopefully!)

Your thoughts?


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